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Significance of cross tattos

Posted on September 14, 2016 by admin mariasalvador | 4 comments

What significance hides the cross tattoo?

It 'a universal and cosmic symbol par excellence.
There are numerous forms of crosses all cultures present in ancient times.
In Catholic circles, the meaning is the salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus.
It 'also a symbol of faith and suffering. Expiation and redemption.
Those who tattooed a Catholic cross does it for externalize his love for Christ.

The four branches of the cross can also represent the Tree of Life. The vertical line is the celestial element, spiritual, positive and masculine, while the horizontal is the element ground and feminine.
The cross represents the cosmic forces of Nature and the center is the point of the principle in which everything begins and becomes harmony.
Visit our gallery to see various examples of Pinterest tattoo.

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