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Posted on September 13, 2016 by admin mariasalvador | 1 comment

Rosary tattoo

Tattoos tell about our lives, our beliefs and our experience.

They often have a religious and spiritual value. They are the protectors or inspiratory symbols of what we would like to bring. In the Catholic world are many symbols that can be tattooed. Among these, the rosary is one of the most powerful.

There are various motivations for tattoo a rosary. It can be the symbol of a deep faith. It can be a protector for life and the hereafter, or it can tell the qualities that you want to follow in your life.

The rosary is the symbol of perseverance (the prayers with the rosary are long, repetitive and full of belief); loyalty to their own values, of righteousness (carrying a rosary tattooed communicate that you want to live by a certain code that will be applied in the choices of life); patience symbol (such as that shown by those who use it to pray daily).

 What is the origin of the rosary? In the Middle Ages were the garlands of flowers hung around the neck of the Virgin Mary statues. Each flower represented a joyful prayer and fragrant dedicated to the Virgin. The flowers are then become "grains" which pray daily devotion to Mary.

The tattoo style best suited to the tattoo rosary is the realist style. You can see below a selection of the best we found while on our a much broader research Pinterest page.

Rosary tattoo old school

Rosary tattoo

Rosary tattoo

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